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System Performance Issues with DataLogic’s Vesta Windows Application

Last updated on 3/18/2021

This article has been updated. Click here to view the updated article.

TMHP is aware of the system performance issues that program providers have recently experienced while attempting to access or use DataLogic’s Vesta Windows application. TMHP is currently working with DataLogic to resolve the issues and will provide additional updates as they become available.

DataLogic will publish notifications on their Vesta EVV homepage during the time periods where system performance issues have been identified. Program providers who experience issues accessing or using DataLogic’s Vesta Windows application should check the Vesta EVV homepage to determine if DataLogic is already working to resolve the issue. DataLogic will update the notification once the system performance issues are resolved.

For additional information, contact DataLogic Customer Support by phone, 844-880-2400, or by email,