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Entering Schedules for EVV-Required DBMD Services

Last updated on 4/7/2021

Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities waiver services must be provided per the Individual Program Plan and Individual Plan of Care. This is approved by HHSC as described in Texas Administrative Code Rule §42.404(e). For individuals enrolled in DBMD, Electronic Visit Verification is only required for the following services:

  • Community First Choice Personal Assistance Services/Habilitation.
  • In-Home Respite in own home or family home settings.

As described in Form 6501 Individual Program Plan instructions, schedules must be documented and approved by HHSC. The EVV system allows program providers, Consumer Directed Services employers, and financial management services agencies to enter schedules for EVV-required services.

EVV schedules and IPP schedules must be consistent. HHSC strongly recommends using the EVV system to input schedules. Schedules in the EVV system and IPP are reviewed by Contract Administration and Provider Monitoring.

Email DBMD Policy with questions.