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Coming Soon: Providers Able to Enter a Person’s Alternate Placement Preferences Upon Initial Submission of PL1

Last updated on 6/3/2021

Beginning in July 2021, providers will gain the ability to record the person’s responses in section E, fields E0100-E0400 (Alternate Placement Preferences) when initially submitting the PL1. The section will be enabled and required for data entry only if the person for whom the form is being submitted appears to have positive PASRR eligibility. If there is no indication of positive eligibility, the section will not be enabled.

Additionally, nursing facility and local authority users with the correct permissions will be required to fill out/update section E, fields E0500-E0900 (Alternate Placement Disposition) of a PL1 that is in an active status when using the update form functionality for a discharge. These changes are being made to ensure that the person’s alternate placement disposition will be documented and available at the time of discharge on the LTC Online Portal.

Additional information about this change will be published in future news articles on the TMHP LTC web page.