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EVV Training Updates

Last updated on 2/16/2022

Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) published Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Computer-Based Training (CBT) updates, new job aids, and EVV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Consumer-Directed Services (CDS) employers.

The following CBTs are updated:

  • EVV Policy Training for Program Providers and Financial Management Services Agencies (FMSAs) CBT
  • Initial EVV Policy Training for CDS Employers CBT

The CBTs:

The Initial EVV Policy Training for CDS Employers CBT in Spanish will be updated this spring.

The new job aids are:

These job aids:

  • Provide information about EVV compliance standards relating to:
    • Usage reviews
    • Required free text reviews
    • Landline phone verification reviews
  • Are found in the Compliance section on the EVV webpage.

There are new EVV FAQs for CDS Employers (PDF):

Visit the EVV Training Resources webpage for other training information.

Email the HHSC EVV General Inquiries Mailbox for questions.