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Update: NFs Will Be Able to Admit Individuals on Preadmission PL1 Forms With Negative PE Beginning August 25, 2022

Last updated on 6/30/2022

Beginning August 25, 2022, nursing facility (NF) users will be able to admit individuals to the facility by clicking the “Admitted to NF” button. This button is displayed on the Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level 1 (PL1) form with admission type Preadmission. The “Admitted to NF” button will be present once an associated negative PASRR Evaluation (PE) form is successfully submitted. The NF will no longer be required to certify their ability to serve the individual on the PL1 in this case.

With this change, the system will update the status of the Preadmission PL1 to “Individual Placed in NF – PE Confirmed.” Upon confirmation of the status change, the form history notes of the PL1 will be updated to indicate the individual has been admitted to the NF.