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Update: Two New PASRR Alerts on LTC Online Portal Available August 25, 2022

Last updated on 6/30/2022

Beginning August 25, 2022, users will see two new Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) alerts on the Long-Term Care (LTC) Online Portal.

NF Resident Age Alert

When the LTC Online Portal discovers that a nursing facility (NF) resident has turned 21 years of age, the following new alert will be sent to the local authorities (LAs) documented on the PASRR Level 1 (PL1) Screening form:

NF resident turned 21 years old - Conduct PE

The alert will help the LAs detect when a resident turns 21 years of age and recommend appropriate specialized services by conducting and submitting a new PASRR Evaluation (PE). The PL1 form history will be automatically updated with the system-generated alert.

NF Unable to Serve Alert

When an NF certifies that they cannot meet the needs of an individual on a PL1 (via the “Unable to Serve the Individual” button), the LTC Online Portal will generate the following alert for LAs and the PASRR Unit:

NF unable to serve the person - Place person in another NF or alternate setting

This new alert will notify the LAs and the PASRR Unit, in a timely manner, that the NF has certified on the PL1 that they cannot meet the individual’s needs. The LAs can then place the individual in the appropriate setting.