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EVV Portal and Training Updates

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On July 14, 2022, the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) made improvements to the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Portal and updated related training materials in the TMHP Learning Management System (LMS).

EVV Portal Updates

The following updates were made to the EVV Visit Log Report:

  • Three new fields were added that will identify the person who performed the last visit maintenance:
    • VM ID
    • VM Last Name
    • VM First Name
  • The following report field names have been updated to match policy and other EVV Portal updates:
    • Individual Last updated to Member Last
    • Individual First updated to Member First
    • Individual Phone updated to Member Phone
    • Employee Last updated to Service Provider Last
    • Employee First updated to Service Provider First
    • Start Date updated to First Visit Date with Member
    • TX Attend ID updated to TX EVV Attendant ID
    • Last VM updated to Last VM Date
  • The maximum Visit Date Range has been updated from 180 days to 184 days. This allows for six full months of data to be accessed.
  • The error message has been updated to make sure that all required search criteria fields are entered when selecting the PDF Export Format
    • Updated error message: “Reports requested in PDF export format require a single NPI, API, and/or Medicaid ID.”

Training Updates

The following training materials include the EVV Portal updates, and can be found in the TMHP LMS:

  • Using the EVV Portal: EVV Visit Log Report Job Aid
  • Computer-based training (CBT) TMHP Module 5 Part 3: EVV Portal Standard Reports

A username and password are required to access the TMHP LMS. Create an account on the TMHP LMS New User Registration webpage.

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