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EVV Updates for Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) Program Providers and FMSAs

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This notice provides helpful information and resources for Home and Community-based Services (HCS) program providers, Texas Home Living (TxHmL) program providers, and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) that are required to use Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

Day Habilitation

Reminder: EVV is required only for in-home day habilitation provided in an “Own Home/Family Home (OH/FH)” setting.

EVV is not required for:

  • In-home day habilitation provided in a host home or companion care setting.
  • In-home day habilitation in a three-person or four-person residence.
  • Day habilitation provided out of the home.

Refer to the HHSC notice “HCS and TxHmL Providers Must Use Bill Codes Listed in the HCS and TxHmL Bill Code Crosswalk for Claims Submission” for more information on billing requirements, such as which day habilitation billing codes to use.

EVV Claims Matching for HCS and TxHmL Starts November 1, 2022

TMHP will start to deny EVV claims that do not match an accepted EVV visit transaction for HCS and TxHmL services with dates of service beginning on November 1, 2022, and after. EVV claims with dates of service from May 1, 2022, through October 31, 2022, are subject to reviews conducted by HHSC Provider Fiscal Compliance. Program providers and FMSAs must have accepted EVV visits in the EVV Portal to support claims for EVV-required services. Effective immediately, program providers and FMSAs should take necessary steps to make sure that EVV claims match accepted EVV visit transactions. 

Refer to the TMHP article titled “EVV Claims Matching for HCS and TxHmL Will Begin for Dates of Service Starting Nov. 1, 2022,” which was published on August 15, 2022, for more information and resources.

Recorded Webinar and Q&A Available

A recorded webinar and question-and-answer (Q&A) document are available in the TMHP Learning Management System (LMS). Topics include an overview of EVV claims matching for HCS and TxHmL and how to avoid EVV claims mismatches, including an EVV Portal walk-through.

  1. Scroll down to the Videos and Webinar Recordings
  2. Click EVV Webinar Recordings.
  3. Access the recording named “EVV Claims Matching Refresher Webinar for HCS and TxHmL Program Providers and FMSAs.”

A username and password are required to access the TMHP LMS. Create an account on the TMHP LMS New User Registration web page.

Email TMHP LMS Support for issues with accessing the LMS.

Email the TMHP EVV inbox for questions.