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HHSC Publishes Info on Upcoming Requirement for LTC Providers: Blackboard Connect Emergency Communication System (PL 2022-32)

Last updated on 11/30/2022

HHSC Long-term Care Regulation has published Provider Letter 2022-32 - Blackboard Connect Emergency Communication System.

The provider letter informs long-term care providers of the emergency communication system called Blackboard Connect, how it will be used, and your responsibility in signing up for the system. This system will be used to send emergency and outreach notifications through email, phone, voice and text if available.

HHSC is in the process of amending each program rule to include the Emergency Communication System requirement. The rules will be effective in early 2023. Once the rules are effective, surveyors will begin assessing compliance with the requirement for designated staff to sign up.

Read the details.