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COVID-19 in Healthcare Relief Grant Tier 2 RFAs: Required Funding Utilization Reports Released for Beneficiary Submission

Last updated on 2/1/2023

The Funding Utilization Report that all beneficiaries of a COVID-19 in Healthcare Relief Grant (CHRG) Request for Applications (RFA) must complete is now available for submission. Reports can be submitted any time between now and the respective deadline.

To access the reports and information about deadlines, visit the CHRG webpage here.

Beneficiaries of the following grants must submit a Funding Utilization Report:

  • Intermediate Care Facilities (RFA HHS0011334)
  • Rural Hospitals (RFA HHS0011335)
  • Assisted Living Facilities (RFA HHS0011336)
  • Nursing Facilities (RFA HHS0011337)
  • Home Health Agencies (RFA HHS0011339)
  • Non-Consumer Directed Services (Non-CDS) Community Attendants (RFA HHS0011338)
  • Consumer Directed Services (CDS) (RFA HHS0011792)*

* Awards for CDS are still being processed. The Report does not need to be completed immediately and can be completed any time before the deadline.

Per Section 2.7 Required Report of the CHRG RFAs, beneficiaries of an award must submit a Funding Utilization Report to HHSC by the due date listed in the RFA. “Beneficiary” means the party receiving funds under any funding agreement awarded under the RFA.