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EVV Systems AuthentiCare and Vesta Available for Use Through Sept. 30, 2023

Last updated on 9/5/2023

Program providers, financial management services agencies (FMSAs), CDS employers, service attendants and CDS employees may continue using their current EVV systems, AuthentiCare (First Data) or Vesta (DataLogic) through Sept. 30, to record visits for personal care services (PCS).

Starting Oct. 1, program providers, FMSAs, CDS employers, service attendants, and CDS employees providing PCS are expected to start recording EVV visits using the new state-funded system, HHAeXchange or a proprietary system if approved and onboarded with.

Program providers and FMSAs who will be new to EVV, due to the Cures Act HHCS implementation, must submit the HHAeXchange Provider Onboarding Form by Oct. 31. However, it's recommended to complete the form as soon as possible to be able to practice using EVV before the Jan. 1, 2024 implementation.


Program providers and FMSAs providing PCS that have not been approved as a proprietary system operator must take action now to complete the HHAeXchange Provider Onboarding Form.

Program providers and FMSAs who have completed their provider onboarding form with HHAeXchange may have their staff including CDS employers and CDS employees sign up for training by following the instructions listed in the Aug. 31 notice: HHAeXchange Users Must Register and Complete System User Training

Contact HHAeXchange by Oct. 1, 2023 with any questions about onboarding and using their system.

Email HHSC EVV Operations with any other questions.