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HHAeXchange Getting Started Webinar Registration Still Open

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As a reminder, HHAeXchange is hosting a Getting Started webinar for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) on Friday, November 10 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Central Time. The webinar will provide a walkthrough of the key functions to get started in the HHAeXchange system.

Register for the webinar.

Topics include:

  • Administrative
  • Service Provider Management
  • Member Management
  • Scheduling
  • EVV Clock In/Clock Out - EVV Visit Management
  • Manual Visit Management
  • Call Dashboard
  • Aggregation Management
  • Prebilling/Billing Review
  • Billing

Email HHAeXchange for more information or help with the HHAeXchange system. You can also visit the HHAeXchange Client Support Portal.