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Updates to HHAeXchange EVV Training Resources Now Available

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HHAeXchange (HHAX) has made updates to HHAX electronic visit verification (EVV) training resources that are now available for program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) that use HHAX.

The following HHAX resources were recently updated:

  • The HHAX Provider Portal FAQs document now includes the most commonly occurring Call Dashboard exceptions for Texas providers. It lists the steps that program providers or FMSAs can take to prevent and resolve these exceptions in the HHAX system.
  • The HHAX EVV Aggregation Transaction Manager Rule Holds and Resolutions document now features a comprehensive list of all EVV visit holds that can occur in the HHAX EVV Aggregation Transaction Manager, including instructions on how to resolve each hold reason. A message has also been added to indicate that all EVV visits must be resubmitted to the EVV Aggregator after the hold has been resolved in the HHAX system.
  • The Let's Bill in HHAeXchange! web page now provides step-by-step instructions on how to submit EVV claims for billing in HHAX.
  • The Master Billing in HHAeXchange with 6 Essential Claim Submission Steps document now offers six best practices to follow before an EVV claim is submitted for billing in HHAX.

Additional Resources

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