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Changes to Texas Administrative Code Chapter References for HHS System

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As part of the transformation of the Health and Human Services (HHS) system, rule chapters are being relocated in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC).

Effective July 31, 2024, rules in:

  • 40 TAC Social Services and Assistance, Part 1, Department of Aging and Disability Services, Chapter 98, Day Activity and Health Services Requirements, Subchapter H, Day Activity and Health Services (DAHS) Contractual Requirements.

Will be transferred to:

  • 26 TAC Health and Human Services, Part 1, Health and Human Services Commission, Chapter 211, Day Activity and Health Services (DAHS) Contractual Requirements.

You will need to refer to the new TAC chapters beginning July 31, 2024. All letters, memoranda, and other guidance remain in effect while HHSC updates outdated references. The rule transfer notices were posted in the July 5, 2024, issue of the Texas Register.

Questions about these administrative moves can be emailed to the HHS Rules Coordination Office.

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