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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) electronically verifies that service visits occur and documents the date and time service delivery begins and ends.

EVV Training

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This page offers information about provider education opportunities related to Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). The provider training for EVV includes computer-based training (CBT), infographics, EVV Portal job aids, instructor led trainings (ILTs), and portal demos, webinars, and the EVV Tool Kit.

TMHP Learning Management System (LMS)

The Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) LMS is available to all providers and includes CBT documents and webinars. Click here to access the TMHP LMS. Providers must register and obtain a username.

TMHP EVV Training LMS Pages

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

EVV Claims Submission - Submitter ID and Receiver ID QRG

EVV Claim Match Result Code EVV06: Units Mismatch QRG

EVV Visit Details: Field Descriptions QRG

EVV Visit Transaction Rejection Guide

EVV Portal Job Aids

Click below to access the EVV Portal Job Aids.

EVV Portal Job Aids

The purpose of EVV Job Aids is to:

  • Provide instructions for logging in to the EVV Portal.
  • Define the following EVV Portal standard reports that program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) can access in the EVV Portal:
    •  EVV Provider Report
    •  EVV Reason Code Usage and Free Text Report
    •  EVV Service Provider Clock In and Clock Out Report
    •  EVV Service Provider History Report
    •  EVV Units of Service Summary Report
    •  EVV Usage Report
    •  EVV Visit Log Report
  •  Explain how to access the EVV Portal standard reports and use the report criteria to run reports.
  •  Describe EVV Portal search tools and explain how to use search criteria to run Accepted Visit Searches, Visit History Searches, and EVV Claim Searches.
  • Explain how to submit and view an EVV Proprietary System Request Form in the EVV Portal.

Note: All reports located in the EVV Portal will only show EVV visit transactions with dates of service on or after September 1, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Click here for a list of EVV FAQs for Managed Care Organization (MCO)-only enrolled program providers.